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Choosing the right Fire for You

riva2 800 sorrentoMany British homes have been built with ‘standard fireplace opening’ (usually 22” h x 16” w) and/or builders opening (a larger opening under lintel). The former are usually easy to identify but the latter may require the expertise of a builder, surveyor or heating specialist.

Stovax and Gazco have models to suit both situations, as well as several larger models which will require the construction of a purpose-built opening.

With respect to gas fires, many modern homes have pre-cast flues built to specially accept such fires, whilst some homes do not have any form of chimney or flue fitted at all. Again, Gazco has a range of models to suit both situations.Arts Gas Fire

As you will appreciate from this brief summary, the subject can be complex and sometimes quite technical so, whether you want to burn solid fuels such as logs, smokeless fuels and anthracite or have the ‘switch on’ convenience of gas or electricity, the best advice is to select a few models/designs that interest you from this website and then visit your local Stovax or Gazco retailer. It could also help if you take one or two digital photographs of your room to show the retailer.

Don’t forget, your local retailer has the experience to be able to help you select exactly the right fire to suit your aspirations and your home so please make sure you take full advantage of his or her expertise!

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