high efficiency gas fires 

High Efficiency Gas Fires

More Heat For Less Money

High Efficiency Gas Fires

You could save 55% on your gas bills AND have 45% more heat this winter, by simply replacing your old gas fire with a high efficiency model. This is despite gas prices rising to unprecedented levels, rising by 169% since 2003, as the efficiencies of gas fires have been increasing at an even faster rate!

For instance, if you have an open fronted gas fire that is over 5 years old, it could be as little as 25% efficient, using as much as 9.45kW of energy to generate only 2.4kW of heat, with the rest of the heat going straight up your chimney!

E-Studio & E-Box gas fireOur very latest gas fires, such as the innovative Gazco Studio and E-Box™ models, have significantly improved efficiencies of up to 86% (only 4.1kW of gas being used to put 3.5kW of heat into the room the fire is in).

This means that by upgrading your old open fronted gas fire to a Gazco high efficiency glass fronted fire, you can save 57% on your gas fuel costs AND have 46% more heat!