Studio Verve Gas Fire

The pinnacle of contemporary chic

With an eye-catching 3D curve and stylish finishes, the Studio Verve gas fire instantly creates a designer look in your living room and is the perfect way to accentuate the modern landscape flame picture provided by each of the three fire sizes. Whether your choice is the stunning ribbon flame effect of the white stone and glass bead fuel beds or the allure of the highly realistic log-effect fire option, the Studio Verve is a gas fire that can be appreciated from all angles.

Installing Televisions above Open Fronted Studio Fires On a normal flue which is functioning correctly, Open Fronted Studios do not create a particularly hot environment on the wall above where they are installed. Therefore, it may be possible to install Plasma or LCD TV's above them, as long as the distance to the TV is a minimum of 450mm from the top of the fire and as long as it has been checked with the TV manufacturers installation instructions with regard to installation and heat proximity. If in doubt please contact and check with your TV manufacturer.

Glass Fronted Studio Fires Gazco does not recommend installation of televisions above Glass Fronted Studio fires.

Finishes: Graphite, Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Bronze and Ivory.

Linings: Black Steel (Open Fronted Standard), Polished Granite (Open Fronted Upgrade), Black enamel (Glass Fronted - White Stones or Glass Beads), Black Reeded (Glass Fronted - logs) and Vermiculite (Glass Fronted - Logs)

Fuel Beds: White Stones, Glass Beads (Red, Clear or Black) and Logs (Glass Fronted only)

Command Controls: Standard remote (Open fronted) and Programmable Thermostatic remote (Glass Fronted).

Studio Verve Gas Fire - Key Facts
      Chimney options
Fire choices Heating efficiency Heat output (kW) 1 2 BF
Studio 1 - Open 25% 1.72kW Yes Yes No
Studio 1 - Glass Fronted 70% 4.85kW Yes Yes No
Studio 1 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 5.20kW No No Yes
Studio 2 - Open 25% 2.30kW Yes Yes No
Studio 2 - Glass Fronted 78% 6.85kW Yes Yes No
Studio 2 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 6.97kW No No Yes
Studio 3 - Open 25% 3.40kW Yes Yes No
Studio 3 - Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 7.30kW No No Yes